Witty Kitty is either totally rubbish or completely amazing

Witty Kitty is either totally rubbish or completely amazing

After having previously amused and confused us in equal measure with a soap opera starring rocks, UK-based Iain Haywood is back with an iPhone app.

Witty Kitty is a simple idea – a ‘virtual pet’ that utters cat-related puns when you stroke it. Just give the on-screen cat a rub and it will say something like “Someone was so catty to me earlier, I nearly had a hissy fit”.

Sounds a bit rubbish? Perhaps, especially if you like your apps to be really useful, but Haywood insists that Witty Kitty is designed purely as an escapist bit of fun that makes the world a better place in its own little way.

“Witty Kitty is simply a fun and silly app, that whilst being arguably quite retarded, does have genuine charm and playability, and will make you glad. Which is it’s sole purpose. Everyone knows that cats and assorted LOLs make dynamite material for a certain section of the innernets, but this has wider appeal.

It’s also quite theraputic in a strange way – it’s not instantly apparent how the kitty likes to be stroked, and if it doesn’t like how you’re doing it, it won’t be witty at all – it’ll just scratch you. But find a technique and he’ll be meowing and generating kitty puns all over the place.”

Witty Kitty is in the iTunes App Store from today. (iTunes link)

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