Google News Adds Awesome “Browse Mode” To Archived Newspapers

Google News Adds Awesome “Browse Mode” To Archived Newspapers

Google just cannot stop releasing great products this month. Today the Google News team is releasing a great new feature that will help you scan through older archived newspapers in style.

From the Google News team:

We’re excited to announce the launch of browse mode for newspapers in Archives! To do so, click “Browse this newspaper” to view other editions from that newspaper!

Google has somehow found, indexed, scanned, and made available endless newspaper material for you to browse (for free of course). Exactly which papers you can browse is not laid out in perfect terms, but if you are searching for an article and you see the “Browse This Newspaper” button, you are all set.

It looks like this:

The view that Google provides for you to browse is quite pretty. Newspapers are sorted by newspaper name, and month of publication. Google for example has a good selection of papers from the News and Eastern Townships Advocate. The browse screen looks like this:

Good on Google for making more information even more accessible. I doubt that I will ever use this, but knowing that it exists makes me even more sure that our past will not be lost.

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