Unemployed, need a job? There’s an app for that

Unemployed, need a job? There’s an app for that

Job Seekers in the UK have just received a boost to their job hunting armory with the launch of the jobcentreplus app.

The free allows anyone to search UK jobs listed by the job centre. There is a handy map function to see where the jobs are, as well as more detailed information on each job. This app, also available for the Android is great if you are looking for a job and don’t need to be sat at a computer.

However, it still remains just a search facility. If you wish to apply for a job you will need to call the job centre and quote the job reference. So, a useful addition if not the full search and apply facility. With around 13% of all job applications now requiring digital submissions this app will not achieve full value without the application facility.

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