Brazen Careerist Looks To The Future With Social Resumes

Brazen Careerist Looks To The Future With Social Resumes

If you’re anything like me, you’re everywhere when it comes to the social web. Whether it is being active under numerous different Twitter accounts, or writing for multiple blogs, my social content tends to be everywhere, and this is a problem.

As businesses look more and more at a potential employees social world, filtering through the mess to find the best is becomingly increasingly difficult for employers to do. Just take a look at my various profiles, there is no way of knowing that I wrote a post that ended up on Diggnation, or that I used to work for Louis Gray and I am now available for hire. All of this is lost in the shuffle of all the other “stuff” that I go about doing online. Brazen Careerist intends to solve this with their newly released “social” resume.

According to Ryan Healy, a social resume is a, “first of its kind, active, live resume that lets you showcase your top ideas from around the web and share them in one convenient place. It’s a resume that highlights your thoughts and future plans as much as your past experience.”

So how does it work?

Brazen Careerist, like many other social networks, allow you to aggregate content from your blog and various popular social networks. You can dig through all your aggregated content on Brazen and then by clicking on top idea, that piece of content is automatically displayed on your social resume.

Your resume is the first thing people see when they visit your profile on Brazen, which obviously is the most important aspect of your social profile if an employer is scoping you out. This makes it easy for you to show off your best work online in a quick and convenient fashion for any potential employers.

At the same time, how effective is Brazen Careerist’s social resume?

Currently if you have a Brazen profile and do a quick Google search, Brazen Careerist isn’t even on the first page of results, while social services such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and often times Linkedin clearly dominate. For Brazen’s social resume to be effective, employers need to be able to quickly find Brazen in the first place, this currently is not happening. So while the conceptof a social resume is pretty neat (after all, doesn’t it make sense to show off your best work online?) it is moot in most people’s eyes because there is no way of discovering it in the first place.

So while Brazen has a good idea on their hands, they need to focus on making Brazen more discoverable for it to be worth investing in as a social resume. New features and the ability to add a top idea to your resume simply won’t do the job for Brazen in this aspect.

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