DoGood Replaces The Web’s “Evil” Ads with “Good” Ads

DoGood Replaces The Web’s “Evil” Ads with “Good” Ads


DoGood has recently released their DoGooder plugin for Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. DoGood’s main goal is to raise money for donations to charitable organizations and they are doing this with a simple plugin.

The DoGooder plugin replaces generic ads on websites with “green” themed ads instead of those old generic ones. A lot of people ask whether or not the owner of the website will still get paid for the advertisement even though it’s replaced by DoGooder’s go green ads, and the answer according to DoGood is yes.


The main idea of this plugin is to promote green ideas and products via green ads while browsing the web, DoGood will donate the 50% of the revenue made from said ads to different charitable organizations around the world. DoGood reminds me in a way of CauseWorld, the iPhone app that lets the consumer choose where sponsor donated money goes via “karmas” which can be gained by checking in at different places in a kind of foursquare themed manner.

DoGood seems to be a plausible idea that may dominate the ad-based donation sector, similar to how CauseWorld became a popular iPhone app because of the interactive ability to check in different places and share your good deeds with your friends. We will just have to see how the consumer reacts to this new concept and how the bumped advertisers react…the word “furious” comes to mind.

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