Another Familiar Face In The App Store – Rayman 2

Another Familiar Face In The App Store – Rayman 2

raymanWhether you have (or haven’t) heard of the Rayman franchise, there’s no doubt that it’s an addictive adventure/role-playing game. So when Gameloft makes it available for iPhone and iPod Touch, the fun comes back – in the palm of your hands.

The point of the game is to save Rayman’s friends, defeat evil pirates, and just kick some transparent butt. You take control of the main character, Rayman, a half-completed figure lacking legs, neck, and arms. His hair turns into a propellor when you double-tab the blue ‘Jump’ button, allowing you to fly over your enemies.

Published by Gameloft, Rayman 2 has 45 fully 3D environments to run around in. It will set you back Gameloft’s regular price of $6.99.

Graphics-wise, Rayman looks almost exactly the same as if you were playing on a Playstation 1. Obviously full 3D, following a plot, and getting the characters right isn’t easy, but the graphics could be better.

For Gameloft, I’m actually quite disappointed. Yes, everything works okay, but it could be better – particularly the graphics and jumping/grabbing objects (which is very inaccurate). The music is decent and fun – like you’d expect in a Rayman game and the controls are similar to all of the other games published by Gameloft, which is nice for those of us used to the controls.

So another fun game from Gameloft suitable for all audiences, and a pretty good port from the Playstation versions. Let’s hope in time the graphics improve!

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