Neatcall iphone app makes conference call scheduling a breeze

Neatcall iphone app makes conference call scheduling a breeze

Ever tried organising a teleconference with more than one other person? Ever tried finding a time that works for everyone? It’s hard enough to do on Microsoft Outlook but trying doing it for multiple people, multiple platforms and multiple calendar formats – Nightmare! You spend more time organising than you do talking! A new, free app from Neatcall looks like to fix this problem, easily.

The app, available now in the App Store works by running a centralised booking system that hooks into your Gmail,Outlook or other calendars and looks for spots that will work for everybody.

The iPhone system has its own calendar for meetings which syncs with an online version that keeps everything up to date. Users are then able to organise meetings via SMS or email with the app checking and updating to ensure the correct slot is found and booked.

The list of supported calendar formats covers a wide range including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Lotus, Apple and Lotus. The ability to use Neatcal’s own conferencing services (not free with the app) or the users own preferred channel make this a handy support tool for managing meetings.

The basic app is free with the opportunity to use more of Neatcall’s messaging services for monthly fees. As just one of a suite of mobile apps Neatcall looks to make your communication on the road that much easier.

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