The Startup Idea Generator – Creating “Killer” Business Ideas So That You Don’t Have To

The Startup Idea Generator – Creating “Killer” Business Ideas So That You Don’t ...

startup idea generator logoWhat is an idea worth? A million dollars? Five dollars? Nothing at all? Whatever your perspective, ideas that are well executed can be worth billions of dollars, so it is sensible to pay them at least some heed.

Do you therefore want more idea possibilities for the next big thing? Of course you do, the more lottery tickets the better, right? How about this, would you like an endless supply of free ideas for new technology products?

Good news, that exists. Enter The Startup Idea Generator. It makes more startup ideas in five minutes than you will or even could in 10 years. It runs a hilarious script that generates mashups of buzzwords that are salient to modern technology. The combined words form the world’s worst business ideas.

Examples after the jump, but as a fair warning, we said that they were plentiful and free, never that they were any darn good.


As we said, it’s done automatically, so the ideas are hardly brilliant on a one by one basis. You can try them out in bars in the Valley as pickup lines: “Hey there, I Maximize scalable bandwidth beautifully with the support of peer-to-peer AJAX-tracking technologies.” You get the picture.

And there are more, and more, and more to come. The feed never stops. Think of the website like a slot machine, maybe with enough pulls something good will happen. Tweet only the extra bad ones, because the rest might be the next Google, right?

Happy inventing! Disclosure: Startup Idea Generator is a product of midVentures, a company that I used to work for.

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