Limited Flash future for Android ‘Phones?

Limited Flash future for Android ‘Phones?

Adobe-FlashFirst came the news that Flash would not be supported on the iPad, then Steve Jobs called it a ‘Dying Technology’ now comes news that Adobe themselves may not support all Android ‘Phones.

The news, spotted on the official Adobe Forums suggests that Adobe will not support all Android Handsets and operating systems moving forward.

In a thread about the future roadmap for flash on both the Android and Windows Mobile platforms, an official Adobe source wrote that the HTC Hero will not be supported due to its older operating system and weaker chipset. This confirmation was also coupled with an earlier post that suggested support for Android with Flash 10.1 will not be available until later in the year.

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It also highlights the delay in support for Windows Mobile until version 7 appears.

So, could this be the opportunity for new technologies to work with the mobile systems or will it finally be the chance for Silverlight to shine?

With perspective, this is only one forum post, admittedly on the official Adobe Forums and, for the sake of clarity, from someone who appears to be from Adobe.  However, the new definitions of which systems and handsets they will support will mean that different users will have different experiences with Android, compared with a uniform graphical experience on the iPhone.

Food for thought. With thanks to Androinica for spotting.

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