Google search goes local with new ‘Nearby’ option

Google search goes local with new ‘Nearby’ option

Nearby SearchGoogle is making further strides into local search today with the launch of a ‘Nearby’ search option.

The new feature is added to the ‘Search Options’ bar on the left side of the Google search layout.

One you click ‘Nearby’ Google will restrict the results just to your local area. Handy! You can even adjust the tool to show other areas’ nearby results by entering a custom location.

The tool follows on from the recently launched enhancement to search on Android handsets that users your location to make results more useful.

If the new option isn’t showing up for you yet, you can force it by using one of the pre-defined searches that Google has prepared. Try Farmer’s Markets in Ithaca or Food blogs near you.

Does it work?


We’ve found mixed results so far. Searching for “Bars” near Manchester brought up a mixture of results, including the usual Google Map with pins marking local bars (no different from a usual search) and a mixture of local results and disappointingly general results from Wikipedia.

Does it work for you? Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

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