Read it Later is Now Your Personalised News Site

Read it Later is Now Your Personalised News Site

Picture 49Read It Later, the tool that lets you save articles fast to read later has released a brand new feature that’s likely to warrant your attention.

The feature, called Digest, analyses your articles and automatically groups them into topics, arranged in an elegant magazine style format for you to read.

Unlike tools like delicious which require you to tag and organise your bookmarks. RIL’s Digest is able to automatically detect what an article is about and organises it accordingly.

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“There is a fundamental problem with displaying your items in a list. It’s hard to know where to start. Do you start from the top? From the bottom? Randomly? None of these make a whole lot of sense because the order in which you saved things is not necessarily the order you want to read them.” says developer and founder Nate Weiner.

Although the service works very well as is, you do have full control over customizing Digest. You can add topics, remove them, rearrange them and even defining your own custom topics that articles will be sorted into.

Awesomely, if you’ve saved a number of videos to Read It Later, it will create a separate section just for those (as seen below).

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You can also make your Read it Later Digest public, you can see mine here, so a link from your blog to your “what I’m reading” is a must. Web celebs like Scoble, are likely to begin sharing theirs in no time.

Weiner has also personally informed me that Digest is “a very good taste of what to expect from RIL on the iPad.”

You can grab your Digest in beta from tomorrow, but the service will officially launch in a few weeks as a paid offering. Weiner also reassures us that RIL as it is now will always remain free.

Have a watch of the video demo if you’re interested in learning more before getting your RIL profile set up:

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