Tweetmeme launches a new “Follow Me On Twitter” button. Expect to see it everywhere soon…

Tweetmeme launches a new “Follow Me On Twitter” button. Expect to see it everywhere soon… ...

tweetmeme5Tweetmeme has become one of Twitter’s app platform’s greatest successes. It’s seen rapid uptake and its retweet button has been installed by over 100,000 different websites since its launch in February 2009.

Earlier today Tweetmeme announced the launch of HashTags integration into the button making it possible for publishers on incorporate specific hashtags into retweets. Secondly, a default spacing has been indluded into tweetmeme’s retweets which ensures there is always enough space for others to retweet without being forced to take the time to trim the tweets themselves.


The final bit of news, yet to be officially announced by Tweetmeme is its new Follow button. You can see it in the top right corner of our sidebar. This matches Tweetmeme’s retweet button in terms of both design and in many respects, functionality. It essentially allows anyone already logged into tweetmeme to follow the specified account without being forced to visit itself. While there are plenty of “follow me” buttons out there, none have yet been able to include that basic yet obviously useful bit of functionality.

The new button also features a live count of the account’s twitter followers. If you’re logged into tweetmeme, it knows if you are already following that user – important.  The final little treat is that it also comes with 3 of the most popular Twitter user profiling systems (TwitterCounter, Twitalyzer, TwitterGrader) to help you decide whether someone is actually worth following (as seen below).

Picture 36

Expect to see this everywhere soon.

So how do you get your own? Visit Tweetmeme’s new follow button page for full integration details.

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