Koogle – Jewish search engine or delicious treat?

Koogle – Jewish search engine or delicious treat?

koogleYou may recall that at the end of December a small design firm named Bing! sued Microsoft over the Bing name. I remember being incredulous that the Micorsoft legal department could miss something as critical as that, besides the obvious irony of a major search engine not searching its own name very well.

Now our crack research team has just discovered another search engine that may not have searched its own name thoroughly enough. This time it’s the Jewish search engine Koogle. Just as I’mHalal is the Muslim search engine that filters out anything that is deemed objectionable to Muslims, Koogle does the same thing but according to Jewish standards.

120px-Cinnamon_Koogle_JarBut here’s the rub, that name was already taken by none other than that delicious flavored peanut butter treat Koogle. Wikipedia says that Koogle, “was the brand name for a flavored peanut butter marketed by Kraft Foods. Kraft introduced Koogle in 1971, and discontinued it later that decade. It was available in several flavors, including chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and banana.” Speaking of food, “Kugle” is the Yiddish name of a delicious Jewish pudding!

So the question is, will Kraft foods be calling Israel tomorrow, and have I discovered the next Digg front page headline grabbing search engine news? Or was it just a slow news day and I needed a quickie? Emails to Kraft foods have not been returned at the time this post was published. Just kidding.  I have, however, just sent an email to the good folks at Koogle the Jewish search engine seeking comment.  If they write back I will append it to this post.

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