FeedLine becomes the first iPhone App to Integrate Google Buzz

FeedLine becomes the first iPhone App to Integrate Google Buzz

Picture 27Feedline, a relatively unknown (and basic) RSS feed reader for the iPhone, has become the first iPhone app to support Google’s new social network Buzz.

Buzz integration is rather poor I’m afraid. You can currently only few the public streams of individual accounts. It does not currently connect or integrate with your own Buzz account so no indication of your own posts, who you follow or who follows you, but if you have a selection of users you enjoy staying tuned to, simply enter their usernames and you’ll be notified of their updates.

The app does feature a built in browser, but doesn’t offer any way to comment or view comments for  a particular Buzz post.

As mentioned, Buzz is also a standard RSS reader (which is essentially what it’s using to read users Buzz accounts). The app doesn’t support importing of OPML feeds so the only way to add a site to the app is by entering its URL. It also features a ‘news alert’ tab (which is essentially just Google News) and allows you to set up notifications for particular keyword searches…all a bit of a hack-like really.

Frankly, though usable, the entire app is very basic but for an alternative way to access your favourite Buzz accounts, it will do…for now. If you’re an active commenter, ‘liker’ and big into your location based features, skip this and get right back to http://buzz.google.com.

Thanks Sam

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