Firefox On Your Nexus One – You Know You Want It

Firefox On Your Nexus One – You Know You Want It

firefox-logoFirefox for Android is coming along, so we wanted to treat you to some amazing pictures that we came across from the project.

You knew that this was going to happen at some point, Firefox and Android both have legions of fans with amazing coding proficiency. The two are a match made in well, open source heaven.

Vladimir Vukićević (Vlad) who is heads down coding the port said that this is the very first page ever rendered with Firefox on Android, take a look:

first page android firefox

According to Vlad:

You’ll note that this is the full Firefox interface, and not the Fennec/Firefox Mobile UI; we’re testing with the full interface because it’s significantly more complex than the mobile UI and stresses Gecko much more.  So, if the full UI works, then Fennec should work fine as well.  Given the interest in Android on netbook and tablet devices, an updated version of the full Firefox UI might find a home on some of these.  Android has been pretty great to work with so far; it’s a bit unusual platform for us due to its Java core, but with the NDK we’re able to bridge things together without many problems.

We’re still a ways  to go before any kind of usable alpha release, but we’re certainly one step closer.  We’ll also be able to accelerate our progress now that we have some of the basic scaffolding in place.  I know I’m looking forward to running Fennec on my Droid, and there are tons of Android devices coming out that should be great platforms for Fennec.

Now for the money shot that you were waiting for, take a look at Firefox on a Nexus One:

firefox nexus one

Rest assured that when this project hits an Alpha release that you can play with we will be bringing all the information. For now, let it rest in your dreams as the next best thing that is just around the corner.

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