Google Launches CloudBoard – A Powerful Clipboard For Docs

Google Launches CloudBoard – A Powerful Clipboard For Docs

google-docs-good-logoDocs, the cloud based office suite from Google, has just launched Cloudboard, a baked in clipboard for Docs that will allow users to pass copied content around the suite much more easily.

Google is technically calling it “a web clipboard,” but all images in their blog post are labeled “cloudboard1”, “cloudboard2,” etc. Given what we have already heard, you can call it Cloudboard. We caught rumor of Cloudboard last October, and this seems to be its first iteration.

While this release does not do everything that CloudBoard was initially rumored to, it remains quite useful.

With the new clipboard menu, you can select content (be it cells in a spreadsheet, or what have you), and save it to the new clipboard. You can then access that data (saved to your Docs clipboard) in other documents, spreadsheets, etc. It looks like this:




While the feature is in and of itself not ground breaking, it does demonstrate yet another step towards Docs becoming a full featured set of productivity applications.

For power users who need to store multiple objects at the same time, this will be a godsend. The casual user will probably not notice its presence.

Docs just keeps on getting better.

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