Proposable, A Web App That Aims to Transform Sales Proposals

Proposable, A Web App That Aims to Transform Sales Proposals

proposable-logoProposable is a Sproutbox funded startup with a clear goal: to make the sales proposal process modern, and to get sales teams onto the same webpage.

The product is divided into three main elements, creating a proposal, delivering it to the right people, and analyzing feedback and analytics on its performance. The company wants to turn  the standard emailed proposal into something that can be metricized in near real time.

If you told the manager of any sales team that they could get twice the data on his individual salespeople’s performance, I bet that that you could land a customer. Proposable might offer even more information than that.

From the start of the app to the end, Proposable has proposal creation tools baked into the application. This allows for the building of branded, customized, proposals that can even incorporate “rich media” elements such as flash videos. For the less savvy, Proposable has some templates for plug and play use, but it does offer more power if you can use it.

proposable one

Once you have built your proposal, Proposable will help you deliver it. The proposal itself is emailed and opened on the sales leads’ end. This opens the proposal inside of Proposable, allowing for the proposal that you have built avoid garbling over mail servers. People viewing the proposal can comment on it, that is the people that you are pitching, giving you direct feedback on your pitch. If they do so, you will be alerted in real time, allowing you to edit the proposal as quickly as you can type.

proposable analytics

Faster turn around means less wasted time. Comments from clients means better feedback and eventually, more sales.

Finally, the last leg of Proposable is the post-mortem analysis. Managers and individual salespeople can view analytics on their proposals, such as total views, average view time, when the first view happened, and when the last view came in. Perhaps it is a little too much, but the company also offers notifications, so that you can be told on the go when your proposals are viewed.

Pricing runs from $19 to $79 a month, depending on how many users you need and if you require more storage space.

What do we think? Proposable is offering a powerful, simple, paid-web application that has limited competition. The company has funding to find its audience. We give it two solid thumbs up for having a well thought out, and we must say pretty, product and a real business model. Don’t look in the deadpool for Proposable, look for them on the Inc 500.

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