The iPhone just got a new browser. Opera.

The iPhone just got a new browser. Opera.

mini-iphoneOpera has just announced its intentions to deliver Opera Mini for the iPhone, and will unveil the browser at Mobile World Congress on February 15th in Barcelona.

Promising to be “fast, easy to use, and packed with favorite Opera features”, the browser will reportedly come with tabs and Speed Dial.

Jon von Tetzchner, Opera’s Co-founder said, “We have not submitted it yet to the Apple App Store. However, we hope that Apple will not deny their users a choice in Web browsing experience,” said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera.

For a long time, Apple denied browser competitors the opportunity to run on its celebrated iPhone claiming it duplicated standard iPhone functionality. For one reason or another, Apple reversed their decision and most recently, the company approved a new iPhone browser called Mercury, described as “the best replacement for Safari”.

With Apple’s change in policy, it shouldn’t be long before we see the likes of Firefox and Chrome on the iPhone, although no plans have been announced.

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