Google to Introduce a Twitter/Friendfeed Like Feature for Gmail

Google to Introduce a Twitter/Friendfeed Like Feature for Gmail

Picture 83WSJ is reporting that Google will soon release a new Twitter like feature for Gmail.

The feature is reportedly designed to make it simple for users to share status updates, photos, videos with relevant people in their contact list via stream like interface.

WSJ reports that the feature could be made available as soon as this week, possibly as an integrated feature or initially as a Gmail labs addon.

The feature will apparently link to Gtalk’s status update feature but also  provide a separate area to view a Twitter like stream, presumably with replies/comments too.

Where does Friendfeed come into the picture you ask? Well Google reportedly plans to integrate content that is shared through its YouTube, Picasa photo-sharing service and other services. Integrating Facebook and Twitter status updates should also be presumed likely.

This isn’t Google’s first venture into stream like services. Google acquired Finnish microblogging service in October 2007 only to see it crumble and opensourced late last year. Also, as Silicon Alley Insider notes, Yahoo integrated a similar service into its email service in August last year.

We’ve contacted Google for comment and will update if/when we hear back.


Mashable notes that the new release could be announced tomorrow morning during an recently announced intimate Google Event. The event is reportedly to announce  major updates to two of Google’s “most popular products.”

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