Pro Opens Up Self Service Solution – Get Your Own URL Shortener Pro Opens Up Self Service Solution – Get Your Own URL Shortener, the worlds most popular URL shortener announced a new service called pro in mid-December 2009. The service was designed to let bloggers set up custom URL shoreteners using’s well liked backend.

That service entered open beta a week ago. has just released something even better: self-service custom URL shortening with Pro.

If you have a suitable domain, (Editor in Chief Zee is using, you can set it up to work with pro, and have a powerful white label solution with very little work on your end.

Total cost? Free if you are a small timer. The free Pro service includes 10,000 daily shortens, the Pro dashboard, and a button to let others shorten your normal domain down to the custom domain you picked. Very slick, and more than sufficient for the casual user.

For the enterprise customer, has a solution as well. has been cooking in the back for a good amount of time getting this prepared, it seems. Enterprise does what the free version does, but tacks on “advanced dashboard features, including additional analytics and 3rd-party application support,” and “allows for end to end branding.” More tools for the company that needs them.

The self-service website can be found here, where you can log in with your regular account.

People laughed when was funded, but it seems that the company has a business plan in place, and will start to forge long-term relations with enterprise customers over the coming months.

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