Cliqset integrates Evernote to create ‘social scrapbook’

Cliqset integrates Evernote to create ‘social scrapbook’

CliqsetFriendFeed-alike Cliqset has just switched on integration with note-taking service Evernote.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Cliqset allows users to share and discuss content from a wide variety of sources easily. Like FriendFeed, you can import your feeds from services including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Flickr and many more. Other users can then generate discussion around the content.

So far, so FriendFeed, but Cliqset’s new Evernote integration could really set it apart as something really useful. It’s now possible to easily build a ‘scrapbook’ of all sorts of social content within Evernote.

cliqsetAfter authorising your Evernote account in Cliqset, a new Evernote option appears in the ‘Share section for every item in your feed, and the feeds of others. You can now share photos, status updates, reviews, blog posts, videos, articles, files or anything else within Evernote.

As your Evernote account is private, it’s the perfect place to keep a personal log of things from around the web that you’re not interesting in sharing.

You might just want to easily save the best articles and photos you’ve seen recently, for example, while celebrities could keep their favorite tweets in a private place away from the prying eyes of bloggers!

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