ZooLoo Refreshes Its Application – Ushers In New Growth And Revenue

ZooLoo Refreshes Its Application – Ushers In New Growth And Revenue

zooloo logoWhen we covered ZooLoo back in October, we were impressed with the audacity of their concept, but worried about possible consumer confusion and lack of product focus.

ZooLoo is something of a compilation of iGoogle, Tumblr, Webs, Twitter, and Cliqset. Each ZooLoo user has their own website, you can see mine here, where they can post content and text as they wish. Think Tumblr, but not quite as pretty. ZooLoo has a few dozen themes to choose from for each user.

Each user also has a dashboard, which is similar to iGoogle or Pageflakes if you were ever into that sort of thing. Just to top things off, ZooLoo is also a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace client. Built into your “home” section, you can link your accounts from around the internet into your ZooLoo, letting you keep all those peas in one pod.

It’s not as powerful as TweetDeck or Seesmic, but for the casual user (ZooLoo’s target market), it could be a real value add.

zooloo 1

Recently launched is Graffiti, a compilation of what we have just discussed. Every users website is built around updates to their status, be that an image, link, text update, or other item. Once you update, it lands on your personal website forming a stream of notes, called your Graffiti. You can choose to farm that update out to any network that you have linked in, channeling Ping.fm. It’s called Graffiti on ZooLoo, and it’s a form of microblogging.

You can follow other people’s Graffiti updates on the service, adding in a layer of ZooLoo-only capability that cannot be replicated elsewhere. As of this moment, I think that I have one follower on ZooLoo.

While we sit here and compare this part of the service to another product time and again, we have to remember that we are hardly the ZooLoo demographic. To the new ZooLoo user, most likely everything that they are seeing is new, and integrated instead of disparate.

ZooLoo also released an iPhone application for any user that is on the Apple mobile tit.

ZooLoo, in addition to the Graffiti upgrade has revamped their pricing with new incremental pricing plans, and an ala carte method to let users pick just what they want to pay for, and nothing else. According to Aaron Baer, the company’s marketing lead, the ala carte pricing scheme is their most popular plan.

In light of all the companies recent upgrades around their product they have seen a 15% rise in daily signups, and have doubled their percentage of paying users. Their total active users (people who have been on ZooLoo five times in the last week), have tripled. We always love to see companies that have an expanding userbase and revenue column.

So, it does seem that ZooLoo has shown us up. We were slightly negative in our first post on the companies prospects, only to see them find new growth and paying users. Hats off to ZooLoo for finding new

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