Google Voice Now Works On iPhone and WebOS

Google Voice Now Works On iPhone and WebOS

google-voice-logoAnd to think that Apple thought that they could keep Google out. Google has just announced that users of  the iPhone and Palm’s WebOS can now use Google Voice via a newly constructed web application.

Apple had barred the use of Google Voice before, by blocking its application from becoming available on the popular phone’s applications store. With the new web application, Google has circumvented censorship and brought its product to two of the biggest smartphones in the world.

Users of Google Voice who have a WebOS device or iPhone can point their browsers to and log in straight away. The new web application allows users to:

“make calls from your phone that show your Google Voice number as the caller ID. You can also listen to voicemail and read voicemail transcripts, send and receive text messages for free, and take advantage of the low international call rates offered by Google Voice.”

In other words use Google Voice as it was intended, albeit with more headache as this is a web application, and not a normal app. Google has prepared this video as an explanation:

The app works on all WebOS builds and devices. iPhone users must be running iPhone 3.0 to use the application. The application is feature rich, free, and from the looks of it quite slick.

If only it was a real application, and not one on the web.

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