Invites – Zaang Wants To Host Your Topical Conversations

Invites – Zaang Wants To Host Your Topical Conversations


– Update – The company says that the sign up process should be all back to normal. Keep using the invite code “thenextweb”

Zaang, a company that is still in private beta, is out to reorganize the way that you discuss topics.

The company is centering discussions in individual “worlds,” which are similar to FriendFeed rooms without the real-time aspect. Each room has a main genre, such as Poker. I founded the Tech Blogging room, so far it’s just me.

The company’s goal is to make it seem like you are “sitting in the same room” as other people following the topic. Find people who share similar interests, and talk to them.

Zaang has taken a page from the most popular new startups of recent months: FourSquare and Glue, and introduced a sticker system to reward users for completing certain tasks, and a leaderboard to track which worlds are performing the best through time. Zaang is a mix of forums, rooms, and a game. It just might make it.

The startup has an interesting take on a popular and long-standing goal of the internet: unite people of similar interest.

Head over to and use the invite code “thenextweb.” You can follow me on Zaang here, once you get in.

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