tgethr Will Simply Help Your Team Collaborate

tgethr Will Simply Help Your Team Collaborate

tgethr-logoIf you have been searching for a simple tool to help your group collaborate and communicate, tgethr just might be what you have been looking for.

tgethr was built by the Y-Combinator funded Inkling Markets for internal use by their team. They needed something better, and went about building it. That train of thought seems to be the way that the best applications are created.

The product is built around the general principle that email is our main medium of communication, and that that will not be changing in the near future. I fully concur, email is the only thing alongside of search that I am positive will be here in twenty years.

tgethr is a simple messaging tool that works via email and a web interface. It integrates with a number of third-party services such as Dropbox to keep things as simple as possible. The web interface feels like an internal team based Brizzly, if you are familiar with that company and its products.

web interface

Very useful for catching up, tgethr has a summary option to get you the information that you have yet to see to you first, keeping you on top at all times. In line in messages images are thumbnailed and links are rendered, making all the information quickly viewable, and digestible.

But what sets tgethr apart from its numerous competitors is well formatted email updates. If you are familiar with the ugly of Google Groups, this will feel like fresh air. This allows you to use tgethr, and never leave your inbox. For the email addicts in the world, that is a godsend. Of course, if you want you can use the slick, and dead clean web interface, but there is no need if you do not want to do so.

tgethr charges on a freemium scale, the service is free for teams up to five users, and plans cost from $6 to $24 monthly. Cheap, at three times the price.

What internal collaboration tool do you use now? Here at TheNextWeb we currently use SocialCast.

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