Foursquare lets you check-in anywhere on Earth, at last!

Foursquare lets you check-in anywhere on Earth, at last!

foursquare_logo_girlWe recently reported that it was coming soon and finally the wait is over. You can check into Foursquare anywhere in the world.

Until now, the location-based game was only officially supported by a list of cities in the USA and Europe.

‘Foursquare everywhere’ is only just starting to roll out as a soft launch. The service will now auto-detect the city you are in (or nearest) when you add a location. Users can now manually locations anywhere using the website too.

The pressure was on for Foursquare to add a ‘check in anywhere’ facility.The limitation to specific cities was highly frustrating to users and slowed down the expansion of the service. Conversely, competitor Gowalla has gained support around the world thanks to its ‘play anywhere’ approach. The playing field is finally levelled.

If you’re addicted to collecting Foursquare badges then look out – new badges to collect are reportedly being worked on right now according to the start-up’s Twitter account. Meanwhile, city specific badges are being phased out, meaning you won’t get a ‘Newbie’ badge every time to visit a new city.

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