Simply the fastest way to share screenshots on a Mac or PC.

Simply the fastest way to share screenshots on a Mac or PC.

tinygrab-logoSo why haven’t I been using TinyGrab? That was the question I had for myself this afternoon when I came upon this marvelous piece of software.

Blew me away.

Till today I genuinely thought I had the fastest method of snapping and sharing screenshots. I has been using Quicksilver to take a screenshot, and then dragging the image to Dockdrop, an app sat in my dock. That is fast, trust me. Takes less than 5 seconds.

With TinyGrab however, it’s less than that, maybe no more than a second depending on how fast your internet connection is.

So here’s how it works: Press command-shift-4 (on a Mac, not sure what it is for a PC), grab the area of the screen you want to share. Done.

The screenshot is uploaded to TinyGrab with a short URL automatically copied to your clipboard to share in an email, IM message, or Twitter. If you’re a premium user (costs £10), you can enter ftp settings and upload to your own server.

If you find yourself frequently sharing images or screenshots (yes, you can share images too rather than just screenshots) on Twitter – I can’t recommend trying TinyGrab enough.

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