Screenshots Of The New Upcoming Twitter Feature

Screenshots Of The New Upcoming Twitter Feature

twitter-logoA large hat tip to Mashable and Starbucks for getting and publishing some amazing new pictures of the coming Twitter Contributer API.

The Contributer API is the first of a coming string of updates to allow businesses to better manage their corporate accounts. This of course puts pressure on the current players in that market, such as CoTweet.

Up until today, we only had one small image that was, well generic to say the least. Uncovered today are a slew of much better screenshots. The API has two sides, what the consumer sees, and what the author sees.

From the consumer side, a tweet from a multi-user account looks like this:

api 1

Of course, it has to be made simple to switch between accounts, so Twitter built a new top-screen bar to handle it. Looks quite simple, you would think that with $150 million they could have been more creative.

api 2

And that is about it, a simple way for accounts to be authored by multiple users on Twitter. Nothing special, but damn time Twitter made a move towards making money. I’ll bet that their investors are gad, given that the websites traffic has flatlined.

The moment you stop growing, you have to make money. One or the other, it seems in the world of internet companies.

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