Vevo Is Good – Will Be Amazing

Vevo Is Good – Will Be Amazing

vevo-logo-640x223Vevo, the much touted and poorly launched new music video portal that YouTube has a hand in, just might be amazing.

Now a second or two after its launch, I realized that we all talked about it going live, and not much else. I fired it up, and am proud to say that it has sunk my last quarter hour in new music goodness.

If you enjoy music videos, or just one of the two, Vevo is going to (eventually) be a website that you visit consistently. It melds together high quality video (that seems to be on some hot server racks), with very well tracked lyrics. And best of all, it seems to cull the crap.

I love YouTube, as a devoted music-elitist. Access to live shoots, music videos, obscure recordings, bootlegs and the like. But on the occasion, I just want the damn music video to show to a friend. Vevo is going to do that in spades, eventually.

It needs much, much more content, and better search. But what matters, the product vision, is in place. Vevo will become in perhaps, my wager, three months, the best music video portal, and the second most trafficked (to Yahoo Music).

The playlist function in Vevo is the last thing that I want to comment on. If you are not sure what I am talking about, point your Chrome to this. Simple, powerful, easy, organized, plain, clean, and easy to minimize. Everything that YouTube’s clunky system is not.

Vevo is heading in exactly the right direction, and I am following them there.

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