KwiClick Is Steroids For Firefox

KwiClick Is Steroids For Firefox

kwiclickFirefox users of the world rejoice, KwiClick is going to make your internet experience better, and much, much faster.

KwiClick is a Firefox add-on that bakes in a number of time-saving tools that on the aggregate could save you, by my fine estimation, thirty minutes daily.

If your heart did not just skip a beat, you are not actually busy.

KwiClick works on making search more quick, mapping more seamless, and watching videos a multi-page experience. However, KwiClick has enough disparate capabilities that the best way to explain what it does is to show you the video, take a look:

I am most excited about the ability to have Twitter search in such a convenient placement, and to have such quick access to mapping. Add together all the small bits of time saved across numerous actions that I do dozens of times daily, and I can add a second coffee break to the day.

Oh, and KwiClick, all we ask for is a Chrome version.

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