Now Google gets its own URL Shortener.

Now Google gets its own URL Shortener.

google_logo5We’re updating. Bear with us.

This is uncanny, we just brought you news of Facebook’s new shortened URL services when Google announces their own,

The service is only available via Google Toolbar and FeedBurner, not as a stand alone service (yet).

Google are hoping to sell the service by focusing on what Google has become renowned for; stablity, security and speed. Google will also check sites being linked to by its service to ensure you aren’t being directed to malicious sites too.

There’s no news as to how far Google plan to take this. Whether we see analytics introduced and offerings for its business customers, or if the app merely remains as small part of its other services, we’ll have to see.

As mentioned, the service is not currently available as a stand alone offering, but to test it out either login to feedburner or download the Google Toolbar.

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