[UPDATE – LAUNCHED] YouTube Is Launching Its Music Video Portal VEVO Tonight

[UPDATE – LAUNCHED] YouTube Is Launching Its Music Video Portal VEVO Tonight


VEVO has now launched, with YouTube and Universal pushing the glowing green button.

You can visit the website here. The website is lagging quite badly at the moment, so be patient.

Youtube’s upcoming music video website is going to be a damned impressive creation. VEVO, the service’s name, is a partnership with Universal that will be launched tonight.

At a party in NYC details are being released. It turns out that some 85% of the music videos that are on YouTube will be hosted via VEVO. Sadly, for all the cinematography fans, VEVO will not be launching with HD video, that will be coming next year.

The service, to build buzz will be launching with exclusives from 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey. VEVO will be fully built into YouTube, so that when you search for an artist on YouTube, VEVO content will appear.

Ben Parr has found out that: “You won’t have to watch a preroll every time you watch a VEVO video. It will serve ads based on aggregate usage.” Color me happy.

More as we have it.

– Update –

Launch sponsors are AT&T, McDonald’s, Nikon, Mastercard, Dove, Colgate, Axe, and Infinit.

The website seems to be US only at the moment. Testing in the UK shows at least that the website does not work there.

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