Chrome For Mac Now Available For Download!

Chrome For Mac Now Available For Download!

chromeFinally, after much ado and wait, Chrome for OS X is out and in the wild, for you to use, abuse, and enjoy. The fastest (and in my opinion best) browswer in the world is now open to the second largest computing group.

This comes after much waiting for the rocket ship browser. You can download it here. There was quite a long wait time for the browser to get to the OS X platform, which caused some consternation among the Mac community, who felt snubbed by the Windows-only launch.

Well, just over a year after the launch of Chrome for Windows, the OS X flavor is out, with the Linux build hot on its heels.

Mac users, are you going to make the switch from Firefox and Safari? I would give it a shot. Leaves notes in the comments!

Download Chrome for Mac here.

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