TVDeck Is All Kinds Of Awesome – Finds The Best Videos Online

TVDeck Is All Kinds Of Awesome – Finds The Best Videos Online

TVD logoTVDeck, a newly launched website, wants to organize all the best internet video content, and give it to you with a beautiful UI.

In the words of their leader: “TVDeck is a video show search and aggregation site. We find the best videos and categorize them by topic showing the most recent headlines from each show.

TVDeck (TVD), is something like a TV-Guide for syndicated web content. It breaks down content in to a number of categories, such as Men, News, and Technlology. It then further dissects what you are looking for, letting you pick the category Men, then the topic Beer.


Once you select a topic, you are shown a number of shows that match that drill down. For beer, you are shown HopCast and Beer America TV. The content that the website has is quite strong (by selecting Women, and then Wine, the first recommended show is Wine Library TV), but limited.

TVD has a slick interface, and makes finding new shows simple, but it lacks depth at the moment. If it could triple the shows in its database, it could become a hub for internet video watchers, to find the latest and greatest created content.

The TVD team does have a person dedicated to finding content, but I would open it to the crowd. Add in a social voting system in, and let the users pick what gets added. That would actually be a pretty damn easy way to promote the site: a contest to get listed.

Monetization is a snap, if TVD can grow an audience. They will have a decided niche market, which advertisers will salivate over once it can scale up.

TVD is competing with other video content websites online, sharing some parallels with the also new Clicker.

The company is self funded, and is not actively looking for investment. They are adding dozens of new users daily, according to the firm. Be sure and poke around their site, you might just find something brand new that you have never seen.

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