Cliqset Powers Real-Time Conversation, Potential Business Model?

Cliqset Powers Real-Time Conversation, Potential Business Model?

2009-12-07_023236Boxee, the desktop application that allows you to watch some of your favorite TV shows and videos is unveiling some new products at their Boxee Beta Unveiling in NYC.

The Boxee event will demo the much-anticipated Boxee Beta, show mock ups of the Boxee Box as well as partnerships with various content partners. For those of us who can’t attend, Boxee will be streaming the event via LiveStream and up and coming real-time social service Cliqset will be powering real-time conversation for the event.

This is an important step for Cliqset. Firstly it validates the fact that Cliqset is dependable and there is tremendous value in real-time conversation. Secondly, Cliqset might have gold on their hands by being the backbone of not just Boxee’s event, but many other events as well.

Many people want (and increasingly need) real-time conversations. While some have gone the route of building it themselves, most do not and find another way for their viewers to communicate (however inconvenient). While I have no word on whether or not Boxee is paying Cliqset to power real-time conversation during the event, it wouldn’t shock me.

If Cliqset can pull off real-time conversations without any interruption of service during the Boxee event, they will have a grand opportunity that many startups don’t get, a way to monetize their product and potentially make a successful business out of it. People are willing to pay for great, quality service that simply works. If Cliqset can offer this to people and event planners in an affordable way, they will be a wild success.

Meanwhile, feel free to join me and thousands of others over on Boxee at 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. eastern time and look for the guy named holdenpage. I’ll be chatting it up on what will hopefully be a successful night for both Boxee and Cliqset.

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