FontCapture: Make A Font From Your Handwriting

FontCapture: Make A Font From Your Handwriting

fontcaptureIt’s craft Saturday here at TheNextWeb. Given that there is probably nothing more to do than wait for new Daily Show episodes to come out, why not give your creative hand a shake? Let’s make a font.

The process is actually quite simple, and free. FontCapture is a great little app that will allow you to do this in less than ten minutes, if you have a scanner. Head to, and print out the form .pdf. Then fill in all the boxes on the form with your own handwriting.

Quick warning, use a felt pen of some sort. Pens did not work well in my testing. Once you have filled out the form, scan it, then name and upload the image. Once you submit the scanned page, it should take around a minute for the font to be generated. On Windows 7, download and open the file, and then just click install. Wordpad will find it right away.

The results are amazing, if you have good handwriting. WordPress does not accept my font (of course), so here is an image of my wonderous creation:

alex font

If you beg, I will email you “The WarKaiser,” my slick font. First person to email in their own font will get added into the post. Have a great weekend everyone.


The good man Caleb Withers made a font for you all to enjoy. Take a look:

Messy Preview

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