Favit Brings The Best Of Twitter To Your iPhone

Favit Brings The Best Of Twitter To Your iPhone

favit_iconHave you ever used Favstar.FM? If not, it’s a great tool that lets you track tweets that you have favorited, and your tweets that others have marked. It also has a great list creation feature, check it out.

The company has decided to branch out of their core capability, and has just launched a great new iPhone application called Favit.

Favit brings you the top favorited tweets from Favstar.fm to your iPhone, so that you can get the best on the go. On the train? Favit will help you dispose of nearly any length of time. If you are stuck at work all the day this fine Friday, I recommend giving the application a download.

Using the app is dead simple: swipe to get a new top tweet, with the ability to favorite any tweet that you see, and add your favorite favorited Twitter users to a list. It is the content, not the design, that makes the application such a hoot.

This might be the best application for the weekend that we have seen since GeoDefense. One catch, the app costs $2.99. You can grab it here. Trust me, it will make the day fly by.

HT to Sarah Perez at RWW for finding it first.

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