Tweetdeck Desktop releases its latest update. Lists, Retweets and more.

Tweetdeck Desktop releases its latest update. Lists, Retweets and more.

The latest update to Tweetdeck Desktop is out and with all of Twitter’s recent updates included.

The app has once again seen a major upgrade with lists, new (and optional) retweets and Linkedin integration.

As you would expect the team have done a wonderful job of compacting Twitter’s recent updates into its UI, with very little to disappoint except for those of you who have previously created Tweetdeck lists.

Lists integration works wonderfully, but one disappointment however is that Tweetdeck hasn’t made it possible to convert previously created Tweetdeck lists into Twitter lists automagically. You’ll need to do that yourself. That said, Tweetdeck features a new pop-up lightbox, making it possible to import lists and create new lists based on others with ease. A suggested users feature is also included making creating lists a breeze.

The other downside to Twitter lists is the rate at which they update. This is more Twitter’s downfall than Tweetdeck’s but you’re lucky to see a Twitter list update more than once every 5-7 minutes. For those of you craving “real time” news, lists don’t provide it.

Also, for all the tweets that now have geolocation enabled, TweetDeck shows a small red drop at the bottom. When you click on it, a Yahoo map comes up showing the location. This is quickly becoming a standard feature.

That aside, get downloading now.

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