Make your Google Analytics Public Make your Google Analytics Public

seethestats_logo Recently launched SeeTheStats lets you make your Google Analytics web statistics available to the public…fast, simple and free of charge.

Revealing your websites stats may seem an absurd idea, however, if you’re considering selling advertising space on the website or selling the website itself, you will certainly have to answer the question: “And what are your webstats? How many users do you have?”. Surely it’s better to be prepared for such a question and give a professional and reliable answer.

The standard method is usually to simply take screenshots from available Google Analytics statistics or putting particular data into an e-mail and send it to the client. Unfortunately that isn’t too effective, and additionally very time-consuming – every client asks for a different type of data, which must be prepared every single time. Moreover, despite the best intentions of the website’s owner, a client does not have any guarantees that the data presented are real.

Using SeeTheStats, it should win the favour of even the busiest people. Any measure of Google Analytics webstats can be published publicly within a few minutes. The site owner has complete control over what data is made available to potential clients – all webstats may have a private status and therefore are only available to selected clients. After a short configuration, the stats will be automatically updated and displayed 24h a day.

Using SeeTheStats requires just two simple things to be done: to activate Google Analytics service on the website and then to add the website to the SeeTheStats search engine.

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