useKit Makes Mundane Web Tasks Faster

useKit Makes Mundane Web Tasks Faster

logoIf you spend more than a few hours a day online, you could greatly benefit from any tool that would allow you to shave time off of tasks that must be repeated over and over again.

useKit is setting about doing just that, building a bottom-of-the-browser toolbar that simplifies a number of tasks that you already do.

Want to translate a snippet of text on a page that you just cannot decipher? UseKit can do that. Want to get a map for that address without leaving the page? UseKit can do that as well.

If you register (simple, no cost), you get a bit more functionality, and your bar will look like this:

As you can see, useKit does sticky notes, page marking, translation, CrunchBase lookup, Delicious tagging, Twitter, mapping, and sharing.

Not a bad list of capabilities from the little add-on. Best of all: it works in Chrome (at least the latest Dev build). The other half of the bar lets you hide the bar, and log in and out. It looks like this:

buttons 2

All questions aside, why doesn’t AdaptiveBlue just buy this product? I am sure that Glue could use a few things that this product has, and the teams seem to share design ethics. Just a thought.

If you do find yourself translating, mapping, or tweeting quite a bit, give useKit a try.

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