The Droid Might Be Getting All The Love, But The iPhone Has All The Numbers

The Droid Might Be Getting All The Love, But The iPhone Has All The Numbers

Clicky, a real-time analytics service, recently updated their global dashboard stats (aggregate data from nearly 150,000+ web sites) that includes a special report on the Motorola Droid.

Currently, the Droid holds 1.86% of mobile web usage. Android devices across the board have a total of 5.12% mobile web market share. Compare this to the iPhone, which holds a 49.6% mobile market share. The Droid and all other Android based devices seem to be posing no threat to the iPhone, at least for now.


I must admit, I am a bit disappointed in Android as a whole when looking at these numbers. Nearly every U.S. network has a device comparable to the iPhone (and in some ways, surpassing it), so why isn’t the Android gaining mobile market share?

Because the Android browser is excruciatingly painful to use.

As a G1 owner, and someone that has played with the Droid extensively, I can safely say that the browser is unpleasant. Features such as pinch and zoom that made browsing on the iPhone so pleasant are not available in U.S. based Android devices. In general, the browser feels slow and clunky, not good for a device that touts its ability to go mobile.

This makes me avoid using the browser, while on my iPod Touch I find excuses to use it. It’s the little things like this that will keep Android down.

You either provide a great experience in the mobile world or you don’t. The iPhone is still providing a superior experience, and it shows in the numbers.

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