Fring – VoIP On Android

Fring – VoIP On Android

fringFinally an easy working VoIP application that makes it possible to Skype voice-call other people from my Android Phone. Fring is a VoIP application that was already available for other platforms like iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian, but from now on also available for the Android.

Fring tries to create a central communication hub on your Phone by installing a framework that can be extended by a lot of plugins: Skype, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter, Google Talk, MSN. This makes it sure that you can either chat or call for free, or if the person you are trying to contact isn’t available on anyone of the free services, call regularly. Personally I use this took now mostly for my regular Skype and SIP calls.

The application itself is very lean and works okay on GPRS, good on 3G and excellent on a Wi-Fi connection. After installing the application you have to register yourself with Fring on your Phone. After this, Fring searches for matches between your contact list and the services you’ve added (like Skype) and matches these contacts together in one Fring contact. Below a video on which you can see Fring on Android in action.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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