Tweet Wave – Lets 1 Million People See Your Tweet

Tweet Wave – Lets 1 Million People See Your Tweet

Tweet Wave is a Twitter app allowing your message to be exposed to a potential 1 million usersTweet Wave in a ‘wave’ like effect through members of the site re-tweeting your messages, guaranteeing your Tweet substantial exposure.

Based in the UK, Tweet Wave is the work of Need Creative CEO Danny Whitehouse who has created other Twitter oriented apps including Twitter Me and TwitMoan.

Tweet Wave is his latest venture and by looking at the average amount of followers its users have, means at it’s current state, it can offer a reach of 987,823 users.

From the conclusions drawn from research, he believes that 0.01% click on a tweet and 0.0001% of users go on to make a purchase.  This could inject a more direct revenue offering and value from Twitter, especially with the rumored Twitter ad platform approaching.

Tweet WaveHow it works?

Simply sign up and send a tweet through the service with paid for credits, with 3 thrown in for free upon joining the service.  It’s worth noting you must have at least 1000 followers to be a member.

This restriction on users follower numbers is a spam prevention policy, though the threat of this service being used to send out shedloads of spam is still there in my opinion.

That message will then be sent in the form of a RT to everyone registered within Tweet Wave to be approved, before being sent on by those users.  The key aspect of this that allows for the potential for your tweet to be exposed to so many Twitter users is the fact that the message will automatically be sent after 24 hours if it hasn’t been vetted.

As a tool for affiliates, it will clearly be useful, though it could induce a barrage of unwanted messages in your timeline.  With more features on the way and hopefully a cleaner UI, it’ll certainly add continued value to the range of Twitter apps available.

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