Salesforce’s new product? A Corporate Friendfeed.

Salesforce’s new product? A Corporate Friendfeed.

Picture, one of the pioneers of the software as a service (SaaS) model, has just announced the launch of a new product called Chatter.

Described a “Collaboration Cloud”, it’s remarkably similar to Friendfeed in many respects.

Chatter lets you stay on top of everything that’s happening in your company with real-time updates on people, groups, documents, and your application data.

The product appears to go head to head with the likes of SocialCast and Yammer, who have pioneered the “stream” based corporate project management environment that Friendfeed made so popular amongst early adopters.

In a statement, CEO Marc Benioff said the service is working for his own company internally: “Why do I know more about strangers on Facebook than my own employees? Now, through Salesforce Chatter, my business is tweeting me. My employees can use the models they love to get the collaboration they need.”

Chatter won’t be available until sometime in 2010 but the presentation provides a good overview of what the product offers:

via Mashable

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