Twitter Applications Report: who is hot and who is not!

Twitter Applications Report: who is hot and who is not!

Picture 2It is time for another look at the global Twitter Applications ecosphere. Who is scoring best? Who are the newcomers? Who are the losers?

As you might know from previous updates we use traffic estimates from Compete. Yes, these are estimates and we are aware of that. This method also rewards those services that have a website that has a lot of visitors and ignores services that use software such as Seesmic Desktop or Tweetie. It is however the best way we know of right now to compare these third party applications objectively.

This month is especially interesting because Compete has adjusted their numbers and is now discounting the iframes used by TweetMeme. What probably happened is this: the TweetMeme retweet button is installed as an iframe on blogs. If you enter a blog and see 12 posts below each other all with a TweetMeme button Compete would count 12 extra visits to TweetMeme. At least, that is what we think. Starting in October these iFrame visits seem to be ignored by Compete which means that TweetMeme which means it goes from the first place in the list to the 6th spot. Everybody else in the top 5 simply moves up a spot.

Don’t worry TweetMeme, you are still doing VERY well at #6 and we still love your service.

A few Twitter services are doing very well this month: Twitpic’s traffic rose 67,83% since last month with 4,4 million uniques. You would think and Yfrog would be catching up by now but Yfrog only grew 5,3% and hardly moved with 0,5% extra traffic.

Twitterholic seems to lose its position even more this month with 15% less traffic than the month before. Its closest competitor TwitterCounter (owned by moi!) is now #5 in the list and grew 67% in traffic.

Retweet, the TweetMeme competitor, is doing well too and seem to grow steady as it moves from the 14th spot to number 10 in October. It is still a lot smaller than Tweetmeme but clearly growing well. WeFollow seems not to grow at all with only 0,1% extra traffic. This seems odd as it is a high profile Twitter service that gets a lot of attention and it was even acquired, or assimilated rather, by Digg.

The top 23 Twitter Applications:


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