How To Punk Twitter Friends

How To Punk Twitter Friends

This is a joke.  Dont take it seriously.You know that person on Twitter that you have long wanted to mess with, just a little bit? Well, you now have the tools to do so. FakeWhale is a wondrous app that allows you to craft fake tweets that look real, from any user. Take a look at this one for example.

You merely enter in the name of the Twitter user, add in some mean text, and FakeWhale pulls in their image and background to make it feel authentic. Be careful though, mock someone much bigger than you, and tempt their wrath.

Now think of the person that you respect the most, and give them some hell. You need no direction from us to have fun. Some samples from me after the jump.

fakewhale 1

fakewhale 2

fakewhale 3

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