Will Glue Finally Come To Chrome?

Will Glue Finally Come To Chrome?

love glueFinally, with the launch of the first builds of Chrome extensions, will we finally see the advent of Glue on the Chromium platform? Glue, the popular Firefox add-on has been a smash hit among the tech-elite.

Judging by its traffic in the past month, it has resonated with the larger internet as a whole, following its massive recent redesign.

I have long been an advocate of Glue, but as a Knight Templar of Chrome, have yet been able to give Glue the love that it deserves. If and when it comes to Chrome, a power user I will be.

Even through the extensive coverage of Glue, people continue to ask what in fact Glue does. In three bullet points, Glue:

  • A semantic browser plugin that allows you to comment and favorite items across the internet, read other commentary, and provides you with interesting content suggestions based on similar content.
  • A website content recommendation engine that provides feedback and suggestions based on what  you have liked and interacted with across the internet.
  • A game, akin to Foursquare, rewarding usage of the Glue platform, allowing you to earn stickers for any specific actions completed, and ‘Guru’ status for being the most active and smartest Glue-er around any single item.

Still confused? Take a look at this, it might make sense. But for now, us Chrome fanatics are still waiting. I for one am excited to see just how fast Glue will be on the fastest browser around.

We reached out to the Glue team for comment.

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