The Office 2010 Beta Has Leaked – Screenshots

The Office 2010 Beta Has Leaked – Screenshots

microsoft-office2010 (1)The beta for the forthcoming Office 2010 suite has been leaked onto peer to peer websites. Screenshots are popping up around the internet.

TheNextWeb will not, and can not point you towards where in fact to download the software. Cursory research into the matter points to its finding being quite simple. Office 2010, the hotly anticipated successor to the very popular Office 2007 was expected to reach a beta release next week.

Apparently people were too enthusiastic to wait. Craving Tech claims to have received the software from Microsoft themselves, and have captured a number of screenshots, some of which posted below.

Recall as well, that this is only part of the office suite. Microsoft is still building a browser version of its Office suite to fend off competitors such as ZoHo and Google Docs. The desktop version of Office will most likely remain the most popular for the foreseeable future.

Take a look at the screenshots, are you going to upgrade?

office 1

office 2

office 3

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