Tom’s Planner – Planning In The Cloud

Tom’s Planner – Planning In The Cloud

tomsplanner-logoIf you like using Microsoft Project and the use of Gantt charts, then Tom’s Planner may be for you. Tom’s Planner is a slick looking web application that let you easily plan projects from small to big.

While Microsoft Project is for advanced users, Tom’s Planner tries to keep a very easy to understand user interface so that not only the experienced project manager can use the application but also the less-IT skilled person.

In the application itself you can easily create project plans with tasks that differentiate themselves by using colors. You can share the plans with other people, save them as offline backup or for use in Microsoft Project or embed the plans inside other websites.

Tom’s planner biggest plus point is for sure the drag and drop possibilities and the ease of use with the right mouse button functions. The default planning templates help the real Gantt chart beginners. After some testing and working with it, I’m really pleased to see how it works.

The company behind the application is based in my own country, the Netherlands. For the moment they offer free beta accounts that stay free for at least a year. You can sign up for a free account until the end of this year.


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