Latest Tweetdeck is Back, Alive and Well, in the App Store

Latest Tweetdeck is Back, Alive and Well, in the App Store

tweetdeck_iphoneTweetdeck was removed from the App Store on Friday due to “some people reporting problems with the upgraded version crashing”.

Tweetdeck took the decision to pull the app before the problem became too widespread. After fixing the issue, the latest version was resubmitted to the store and after a typical delay, is now available for download.

This latest release has Facebook written all over it:

  • Post status updates to Facebook
  • Create Facebook groups (synchronized)
  • Video record & upload for 3gs
  • Video background uploader
  • Facebook account support
  • Cross post text & media to twitter & Facebook
  • Nearby tweets column
  • Sent DM’s column
  • HashTag to Search column
  • account
  • Reply to All & RE – in ref to
  • Open in Safari
  • Landscape compose
  • Light Theme
  • 2username address picker
  • List of recent hashtags
  • Compose improvements (clear, save, dm)

If you haven’t already, check your iTunes/iPhone updates, and if you haven’t tried the app yet, you can get it here, it’s good and it’s free.

Thanks Sam

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